Remy Perona – Featured Speaker

Remy is joining us from Montreal. He is speaking Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm in Rm 129. His topic is on plugin release workflow. Let’s get to know him…

Outside of my WordPress life, I’m very busy with my very lively corgi, and my two cats, who all want a lot of attention.

I’m also a WoW & Hearthstone player, hit me up if you play too, I love to chat about it!

My presentation goal is to share the whole process we have put in place at WP Media to release a new version of WP Rocket. I’ll show how there is much more work involved than just development, the tools we use, and how we split up the tasks in the team to be the most efficient possible, knowing we all work remote. It should be interesting for any other team doing product for WordPress, or even for agency/team being remote to learn about new tools and different process.

It will be my first time coming to Toronto so I’m looking forward to discovering it a bit! And I love WordCamp to connect with friends and meet new people!

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