Jesse Emmanuel Rosario – Featured Speaker

Jesse is one of our local speakers. He is speaking Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm in Rm 147. His topic about user experience (UX) and the role played by site design. Let’s get to know him…

My official bio says that I’m a UX designer who specializes in building insightful, creative, and usable digital experiences. That’s the nice, standard, boilerplate conference introduction I’ll always send (WordCamp Toronto being one of them).

These days, though, I’ve been introducing myself through my Twitter bio where I say, “”[I’m a] UX designer by day, Indoor Cycling instructor by night””. Yep, I’m one of those peppy instructors who make you climb, sprint, and dash for your life in spin class, and I’m a better designer doing all of it.” “”

“WordPress, Design, and You”” is a roadmap to the User Experience (UX) design process. It’s where we look at the stages of a web design project and the activities that happen per stage.

Throughout the talk, I’ll be relating Jesse James Garrett’s 5 planes of user experience – strategy, scope, structure, skeleton, and surface – to the broader design process and look at how these elements could be of use to you and your next WordPress project.”

It’s tempting to think that UX is a time-boxed thing – that it only happens before development or only when a design project is happening.

I want to tell you that UX is forever. As long as there is someone working through your website, app, or service, there will always be a need for making those digital products simpler and easier to use. It’s not a one-and-done thing, but a continuous process of improving, tweaking, and responding.

If you’ve ever wondered what this thing called “”UX”” is and want to know how to do it, come to this presentation at get your UX on!

Toronto is home to a growing tech sector. It’s no Silicon Valley. But we’re getting there (sans the super competitive streak among tech companies and employees). We’re a friendly bunch of design and tech practitioners, and the WordPress community is a piece of that vibrant puzzle.

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