WordPress, Design, and You


User Experience (UX) design is such a hot industry today with no shortage of Medium articles telling you how to break into UX. There’s detailed talk about portfolios, which courses to take, and whether designers should learn how to code, among others. What they seem to miss, though, is the ‘getting started’ part: How do you do a design project and ensure that it gets from discovery all the way to deployment? If design portfolios are about the projects that you’ve brought to life, then how do we do them and build them well?

In this session, we will be looking at the design process and the Elements of User Experience. We will be reviewing the milestones inside web projects and the activities that make it successful. You will learn what makes great websites great, and what makes designers advocates for their own work.

Design is finally having its golden age. Will you be a part of it?

Learning Objectives:

  • Switch from ‘design = “make it pretty’ to ‘design = problem solving’.
  • Get acquainted with the design process (especially for WordPress sites)
  • Apply Jesse James Garrett’s “Elements of User Experience” to deliver human-centered products and services
  • Become advocates for your work through case study writing (a key requirement for design portfolios today)