Christina Varro – Featured Speaker

Christina is riding in from Calgary. She is speaking Saturday morning at 11am in the auditorium and Sunday morning at 10am in the auditorium. Her topic Saturday is social sharing. Her topic Sunday is an introduction to WordPress security. Let’s get to know her…

I have been working in web for over 15 years, and nearly a decade of that has been working in WordPress. Over the years I have become almost totally ‘location independent’ so I can run my business from anywhere and travel more, which is something I love.

I will be doing two presentations – Security for the Non-Dev and Social Sharing. The security talk provides easy ways to make your site more secure that dont require programming experience. Everything is done in the WordPress admin with the help of plugins. The social talk focuses on the variety of ways to link to your social accounts from WordPress, and why it may be helpful for promoting your content.

I chose these presentations because they are practical and useful for a broad range of WordPressers. Both are based on my own experiences, so its a great shortcut to learn from other people’s successes and failures.

I’m not from Toronto, but it’s my favorite Canadian city, and I love coming to visit! The diversity, non-stop things to do and great food are a huge draw for me.

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