Intro to WordPress Security


WordPress security is a growing concern, with over 15,000 hacked sites last year alone. I will cover how to keep a WordPress site secure for non-programmers. This includes an understanding of how hackers get access to your site, learning how to limit security risks, a comparison of the most popular security and backup plugins and how to use them, as well as how to get help if your site has been hacked. This talk is helpful for WordPress users, who don’t have strong programming knowledge.

Learning Objectives:

The audience will walk away with a list of immediate steps to take to secure their sites. This includes:

  • know how to properly backup and restore their site
  • know which free plugins to install and how to use them
  • have knowledge of advanced steps to explore, after they have mastered these beginner steps


The attendees should know how to install plugins and have a basic understanding of using the WordPress admin.