Adrian Tobey – Featured Speaker

Adrian is one of our local speakers. He is speaking Saturday afternoon at 4pm in Rm 147. His topic is monetizing your plugins. Let’s get to know him…

I’m a part time student at the University of Toronto for computer science. I’m an avid track cyclist. I enjoy building things with my hands, nothing beats looking at the fruits of your labour in the physical realm.

I’ll be showing you the step by step process I used to create my own passive income generating plugin FormLift. What techniques I employed, and how you can implement them to achieve similar results.

There are millions of plugins with millions of purposes. It’s hard to stand out, and harder still, it’s hard to make money with it.

If you’re looking for ways to learn how you can monetize your WP skills and plugin development,  then I’ll show you sure-fire ways to create loyalty, trust, recognition, and passive income.

The thing I like most about Toronto is it’s the only city on planet earth where you can have an Indian restaurant next to a Shawarma place next to an Irish pub next to Thai food restaurant next to a MacDonalds.

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Make sure you have your ticket to #WCTO before they sell out!

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