How to Monetize Your Plugins


The tools you’ll need to monetize effectively on your plugins. What the plugin purchase journey should look like. And how to use your plugin as a lead generator for other more profitable services.

The intended audience is those considering becoming plugin/theme developers or those whom already are plugin/theme developers and are looking to turn their craft into an income generator.

Learning Objectives:

  • Tools required to setup a simple payment & licensing system
  • Tools and systems to communicate with purchases to maximize revenue.
  • How to generate interest and traffic to your plugin
  • How to find a plugin idea that’s worthwhile (create a plugin that people actually need)
  • Language and strategies that maximize conversions on plugin purchasing.


Should be at least a WP developer already. It’s best if the people are entrepreneurs or are looking to turn managing their plugins into a business. Must know their way around the WP dashboard.