Wapuu Drawing Contest

Enter Your Wapuu

What is a Wapuu?

The official mascot of WordCamp. Local variations encouraged. It can also be turned into an amigurumi (3D crocheted animal).

Original Wapuu image
Original Wapuu

At the 2009 Tokyo WordCamp after party (you have to watch out for those after parties!), Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, challenged the Japanese participants for ideas to help spread the WordPress brand. They came up with Wapuu, a friendly little character holding a giant WordPress ball representing the WP enfolded world.

Australian Wapuu image
Wapuu Down Under

The idea took off and there are now many versions of Wapuu; each identified with a WordPress event or group.

Wapuu for WordCamp Toronto

WordCamp Toronto has no Wapuu. We really want one.


The Wonderful WordCamp Toronto Wapuu Drawing Contest!!

Wapuu fallen over the WordPress ball and looking dazed
Brain Hurts Wapuu

Design a Wapuu to tell the world about Toronto. We are the city within a park. We have the CN Tower, City Hall and Skydome. (Quirky fact: The original  name for the Roger’s Centre was chosen by us – the people of Toronto. That name is Skydome Skybowl; representing the dome both closed and open.)

Wapuu can be hugging a building. Dress it however you want. You can even make it stand up.

Enter Your Wapuu

Wapuu Winner Gets

  • Recognition at WordCamp Toronto 2017
  • Use of your design (credited) as the #WCTO mascot
Kabuki seal Wapuu image
Kaubki Seal Wapuu

The Wapuu design is part of the General Public License and can be freely copied, distributed, and used under the Creative Commons License.


See Wapuu Examples

Wapuu’s Origin Story. Read all about how Wapuu came to be.

Wapuu with a mountie hat and maple leaf ball
Ottawa Wapuu

All the Wapuus? It’s hard to say because people are creating new Wapuu all the time.

More Wapuu – just for fun. These are some of the first designs. Most of them are also found at Wapu.us.

Wapuu’s Original Files. Very handy for you computer artists.

How We Choose Wapuu

The #WCTO organisers meet after the entry deadline: Friday, 22 September 2017. We go through the entries to narrow down the choices to a maximum of 10 finalists.

The finalists are posted at #WCTO for all to see and vote. Each attendee at #WCTO gets one ballot in their registration kit. Voting closes Saturday, 30 Sep at 6:00 pm.

Enter Your Wapuu

  1. Design your Wapuu
  2. Include the WordPress logo
  3. Make your design represent Toronto, Canada
  4. Make more than one design
  5. Submit each design using this form no later than Friday, 22 September 2017. Make sure your design is an image file attachment rather than a picture embedded in the email message

We do reserve the right not to declare a winner.