Guy Gentil – Featured Speaker

Guy (pronounced “ghee”) is joining us from Paris. He is speaking Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm in Rm 147. His topic is about outsourcing your site development to get the best results at the lowest investment. Let’s get to know him…

WordPress user since 2012, I’ve been project manager for various WordPress websites and freelance since 2014.

Curious about technologie in general, sciences, social, travelling, knowledge & education…

I am also interested in all form of “competition” : E-sports, speed-running, sports, competitive eating…

All time racket sports player, I host table tennis Meetup every week at Trinity Bellwood Community Center.”

“Can a professional website be created by the low cost freelancers on marketplace sites ? What will you get ? at what price ?

Let’s find out !” “Why did I choose to do this presentation? I was simply curious; curious to discover this way of working; to discover the talent of those freelancers and to discover how much it would cost.

This presentation won’t be only about the cheapest possible price you can get for a WordPress website, but it will also be an introduction to more complex questions such as the upside/downside of globalization, the competition that it creates for the local market etc…”

The thing I like most about Toronto is its multiculturalism : traveling from Greece to Korea with a stop in Italy within the same city !

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