Alan Lok – Featured Speaker

Alan is one of our local speakers. He is speaking Sunday afternoon at 3:30pm in Rm 129. His topic is in the Dev Track and address WordPress in containers. Let’s get to know Alan…

Tech is what I do during the day, but music is my passion. At day I lead the Cloud DevOps PS practice at Scalar Decisions, and at night I run a music school. It gets me to switch between being super analytical and highly creative. The cool part is that there is an intersection – ask me what I am piano piece I am practicing at my talk (and it will show my inner geek!) šŸ™‚

Containers are hot, and it’s not just the cool kids talking about it now. From your local computer to the public cloud, you can deploy containers easily and make idempotent deployments for a start-up or a bank. How does WordPress fit into this ecosystem and what are some of the considerations on deploying for mobility and high availability?

There’s something for developers of all levels in this talk. I hope by the end of the talk that everyone starts thinking about when it is the right time to use containers in your WordPress development.

I love Toronto for all that it has to offer – people, places and food!

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