William Jackson – Featured Speaker

William is coming to Toronto from Florida. He is speaking Sunday morning at 10am in Rm 149. His topic is Blogging to be a Community Activist. Let’s get to know him…

My day is filled with teaching elementary kids physical education and tech and my evenings teaching college kids Educational Technology, Social Media and STEM.

I’m the teacher that has the best of both worlds, physical fun and mental fun.

I enjoy traveling to EdCamps, WordCamps, BarCamps and tech conferences speaking to young people about Social Media Safety, preventing Bullying, the value of STEAM, STEM, STREAM and STEM squared.

I love blogging locally, nationally and internationally and proud to be published on multiple sites. My goals are to speak internationally about building content to reach the beauty of diversity in cultures and generations.

How To Use Your Blog To Be A Community Activist. The choice was clear within the last several years and the focus on community activist addressing issues that people are passionate about. Connecting, collaborating and creating dynamic content that unites people to the issues that drive their passions. Social Media is a platform of value and even controversy.

Global rights are shared of free speech, shared speech, the right to organize even in digital environments brings about social changes.

Every citizen globally has the right to share their stories and their voice.

I have not traveled to Toronto in over 40 years. It will be a joyful and awe-inspiring reunion. Looking forward to the people, the city and the diversity of cultures and I hope to return for other conferences to speak.

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