Toronto Wapuu Drawing Contest

Toronto Wants A Wapuu

What’s a Wapuu, right? It’s okay. Everyone looks at me funny when I say “Wapuu.” It sounds very video game.

Here’s Wapuu:

Original Wapuu image
Original Wapuu

Cute little guy, isn’t he?

Ottawa has a Wapuu.

Montreal has a famour poutine eating Wapuu.

In fact, Montreal has two Wapuu. The 2016 Wapuu is munching a bagel.

Halifax has a Wapuu.

And yes, to be fair, Ottawa actually has 3 Wapuu.

Heck! Nuremberg has 7 Wapuu!!

Toronto has none. Zip. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Bupkiss. A nineteen hand (for all you cribbage players). Have a look at all the Wapuu. (All links open in a new tab.)

Toronto Wapuu Drawing Contest

It’s open to everyone. Every age. Every location.

Draw a Wapuu that represents Toronto.

Maybe it’s hugging the Skydome or City Hall. Make it climb the CN Tower. Put it on the islands or at the Science Centre. Is there a Busker Wapuu in you?

Enter your Wapuu here

Read about the contest here

It’s simple. You submit your drawing electronically through a Google form. We collect all the entries and narrow it down to 10 finalists. We’re sorry to do it, but too many entries tends to stifle the voting.

The 10 finalists get displayed at WordCamp Toronto (#WCTO). Voting takes place during #WCTO by paper ballot. Yea, no chance to stuff the ballots with social media. But attendees will share photos of the Wapuus via social media.

The winner is announced at the closing remarks Sunday afternoon – 1 October.

What About All The Other Wapuu Drawings?

It would be a shame to make no use of all the other Wapuu drawings, right?

So here’s what we’re gonna do…

We following Nuremberg’s example. We’re planning to have

  • Toronto Speaker Wapuu
  • Toronto Sponsor Wapuu
  • Toronto Welcome Wapuu
  • Toronto Party Wapuu
  • Toronto Developer Wapuu
  • Toronto KidsCamp Wapuu

…and we’ll keep right on going with as many Wapuu as everyone wants to use.

How about a Wapuu for the camera operators? Room hosts? Ambassadors?

Let’s use a Wapuu for each of the Meetup locations in Toronto. A Wapuu for Teaching Kids Code and Content for Coders.

Yes, we plan to pick one as the mascot for Toronto. But it takes more than one to make a team. Join the team. Send us your Wapuu.

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