WordCamp Toronto Tickets

#WCTO happens:

Saturday, 30 Sep and Sunday, 1 Oct

Ted Rogers School of Management, 55 Dundas St. W.

Registration opens at 7:30 am.


KIdsCamp – you need an Adult ticket to go with a KidsCamp ticket. All children must be accompanied by an adult during KidsCamp. Yes, one adult can accompany more than one child.


Description Price Remaining Quantity
Full Admission ($40)
Join us for both Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the full WordCamp experience.
40.00 91
Sponsor Ticket ($150)
Enjoy all the benefits of being a Bronze Sponsor and support the WordPress Community. This ticket helps us cover the real cost of attending WordCamp ($119.62/person).
150.00 94
Child's KidsCamp Ticket ($10 + Adult Ticket)
Your child needs this ticket for entry to KidsCamp. You need an adult ticket, too. You can purchase either a Saturday Only ticket or a Full Admission ticket.
10.00 16
Saturday Only Admission ($25)
Join us for Saturday only.
25.00 27
Sunday Only Admission ($25)
Join us for Sunday only.
25.00 37
Welcome Dinner +1 ($25)
This is the ticket to use when you want to bring a guest to the Welcome Dinner or an additional team member.
25.00 19
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