Tamara MacDuff – Featured Speaker

Tamara is joining us from Rochester, NY, just south of the border. She is speaking Saturday afternoon at 4pm in the auditorium. Her topic is about making a name for yourself. Let’s get to know her…

I’m a little bit country and a little bit of rock and roll. I prefer the real talk about your online presence instead of encouraging you to follow the next shiny object or a “”best practice”” that is only best practice because someone with more followers than you said it was. I think those are the wrong questions to be asking when looking for a process for your online presence. The right question is how will this new thing bring value to my followers and does it feel right for me? A strong online presence isn’t about how many followers or likes you get – that’s for the popular kids. How many popular kids are now experts in their field? Not as many as you think. Be YOU. WordPress allows you to do just that with your website and blog theme. I show you how to put it all together so you can strategically rule your online real estate.

When I’m not doing online strategy, you can find me watching Football and participating in my Fantasy Football league. I love great conversations, online and off with a great cup of coffee or glass of wine and awesome people. Let’s meet up at WordCamp Toronto and I’ll help you breakthrough some of your blocks to being known in the social sphere.”

Let’s face it, unless people know who you are and what you do, nobody is going to know you are awesome, right? To do this means you have to have both online and offline strategies to become known in your community. My presentation will outline a process for you to follow and how to implement that process so that it aligns with YOU as a human being.

I have the solution to the problem business owners have about becoming Known in their industry or niche. To get the business, people have to not just know what you do, they have to know WHO you are. While there are a million ways to do this, having a strategy and following a process is where you will succeed. The most important question to answer though, is WHY? Why do you want to do what you do? Why do you bring value to your community. My presentation will help you find your space and place on the internet so you can focus – and grow yourself and your business. My presentation is for all levels, though someone with some content already created will have a head start. Never fear, though – that’s what I’m here for – hit me up before or after my presentation and maybe I can help you create some content we can then help you promote.

I’m visiting from Rochester NY. This is my second WordCamp Toronto and I loved the first one. I love TO because it is always evolving; it never seems to be the same city twice. Likewise, I find WordCamps always evolving too; and even going to the same city twice, I don’t attend the same WordCamp twice. I’m looking forward to this year’s #WCTO and am honored to be speaking again.

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