Sponsor Spotlight: A2Hosting

WordCamp Toronto 2017 is grateful to A2Hosting for contributing to this event. Let’s remember that these informative and educational events bringing the whole WordPress community together wouldn’t be possible without our great sponsors!

Who is A2hosting?

A2Hosting has blazing fast solutions for your hosting needs. WordPress users account for approximately 70% of their new customers. Due largely to its popularity, both in the industry and among their customer base, they have a WP optimization department and have developed their exclusive A2 Optimized WordPress setup.

A2 Optimized WordPress is a result of their team testing a number of WordPress configurations to determine the one with the best speed and security settings.

Users who choose A2 Hosting get this configuration by default. Anyone can use a limited version of the A2 Optimized plugin; however, A2Hosting customers get the full version with features such as Turbo Servers. A2Hosting also provides 99.99% uptime and Anytime money back guarantee.

Ashley Maurer Talks About A2Hosting

From a personal perspective, WordPress was the first blogging solution I used back in 2005. From a company perspective, we actually launched a company blog powered by WordPress back in 2007 and are proud to use WordPress for our current blog. We feel like this really shows the reliability and maturity of WordPress. Not only that, but we’re excited to be so heavily involved in the WordPress community including WordCamp Toronto.

At A2Hosting we like the usability and extensibility of WordPress. WordPress is great for users who have to run a number of sites as well as beginners. From WordPress being auto-installed on our customer’s accounts to the actual content management, WordPress is extremely user-friendly. In the same fashion, the powerful plugins built for WordPress makes it possible to run virtually any type of site whether it is a hobbyist blog or a full-scale eCommerce website.

We love and admire the amazing community that surrounds WordPress and enjoy being a part of it! Events like these give us the opportunity to meet many of our customers face-to-face and answer their questions.

From A2Hosting to WordCamp Toronto Attendees

Even if this is your first WordCamp, don’t be afraid to ask questions and open up about any specific challenges you may be facing.
Remember that every other person in attendance has some challenge, and they’ve probably had the same questions as you at some point! Go to the sessions, talk to the speakers, take advantage of resources like the Happiness Bar and talk with the sponsors – we are all here to help. Even if your question isn’t hosting related, we hope you’ll stop by and chat with us at WordCamp!

We look forward to seeing you at WordCamp Toronto 2017.

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