Paul Tobey

For the past several years, speaker, author & business leader Paul Tobey has shared the stage with the world’s best motivational speakers & thought leadership gurus including: Gary Vaynerchuk, Simon Sinek, Seth Godin, Brian Tracy, Lisa Nichols, Sandra Yancey, Brian Klemmer, Rob Riopel, Jay Baer, Clate Mask & a host of others.

So, why is it that some people are not that familiar with him? Because, while he ranks among the world’s best motivational speakers, he spends most of his time building a thriving Digital Marketing Agency and Training Company. And that’s a good thing for your event because he doesn’t just talk about success, he is actually super successful in his own business.

Paul Tobey is an expert digital marketing trainer, best-selling author, thought leader, online marketer, engaging Speaker, Infusionsoft Award Winning Certified Partner and CEO of Training Business Pros, one of Canada’s leading digital marketing training and implementation companies. He has appeared
on countless stages and interviews across North America.

He’s been featured and interviewed on CTV, CBC, 680 News, City TV, Japan Times, Toronto Star, Globe & Mail, Montreal Gazette to name just a few.

Paul’s subject matter for his keynotes, breakout sessions and training is diverse, as he is knowledgeable and experienced in a great many areas. His presentations are always engaging because he uses an advanced form of NLP and Suggestology; the subject of his best-selling book “Suggestology.” What does that mean? People actually have fun and actually learn real-world skills.