Brian Rotsztein

Brian is a passionate renaissance man whose enthusiasm as an experienced digital entrepreneur has shined since the 1990s. He keeps his professional life interesting by successfully multitasking between being a CEO, Internet marketing professional, conference speaker, author, professor, content creator, mentor, photographer, web designer, media guest (TV, radio, podcasts) and startup founder. His highly praised book, Content Marketing Ideas, is a complete guide to content creation and maintains an influential five-star rating on Amazon. He is in demand as the head of established brands such as and, President of the Canadian Internet Marketing Association, Editor-in-chief of Citynet Magazine, Head of WordPress maintenance service WP Phone Support and Editor at The WP Crowd, among other accolades. Brian holds two Master’s degrees and has taught at McGill University and Boston College.


Twitter: @brianrotsztein
Instagram: @brianrotsztein