Start a Community with BuddyPress


WordPress is a great platform where you can quickly create a web presence, but do you want more engagement? Do you want to take your web presence to the next step and build an online community? If this direction sounds exciting, then BuddyPress is the right plugin to get there with minimal fuss!

BuddyPress is a fun and flexible plugin that can be used to build online communities, teams and groups on top of the WordPress platform. BuddyPress lets you add extended member profiles, activity streams, user groups, messaging, notifications and more.

Although the installing and configuring BuddyPress is not hard, you probably want to consider adding the plugin after you already have a basic understand of WordPress.

Learning Objectives:

  • BuddyPress Introduction
  • BuddyPress Site Examples
  • How to install BuddyPress
  • How to configure BuddyPress
  • Demo of the BuddyPress User Experience


Intermediate WP operational knowledge