Headless and Brainless WP

A Primer into what Headless and Brainless WP even means


Now that WordPress has an amazing Rest API, there is a lot of buzz around “Headless” or “Decoupled” sites. However, these are mostly covered with “how-to” and not “what this is” articles. My presentation aims to provide a higher level insight into what it means to be using WordPress, JavaScript and the Rest API, all in tangent. It will go into the Pros and Cons of using Limbless, Headless, and Brainless WordPress.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the differences between Limbless, Headless, and Brainless WordPress configurations
  • Structure their next non-traditional WordPress site with confidence using the proper solution for the task at hand
  • Begin using WordPress as a development platform for cutting edge web solutions


Basic Plugin / Theme Development