Rodrigo Donini – Featured Speaker

Rodrigo comes to us from Brazil. He is speaking Saturday at 4 pm in Rm 149. His topic is Tips To Shield Your WP Site. Let’s get to know him…

“I started my life with WordPress eight years ago, and on the beginning like anyone, I’ve studied, tested and understood how it works this CMS and from this point I start to create my own things like themes, plugins and others.

I’m a nerd, software engineer, husband, father and curious about everything is around me, not necessary in this order.

Currently I’m a global speaker, teacher and WordPress evangelist. I’m a person very involved with the community.

Also I’m one of the organizers of the WordCamp Porto Alegre in south of Brazil.

Currently I’m Software Engineer and Technical Screener at Toptal.”

My presentation have main focus in help WordPress user in general, developers and sysadmins to configure right the environment, develop following some good practices of the API and focused in maintain the environment updated. And explain some techniques to avoid automated or hacker attacks.

Nowadays the vulnerability of the WordPress environments is provoked by many reasons, like no updates from the server to the application and written bad codes, this are the main reasons that the environment face invasions. The idea is show up on this talk some techniques that can be used to avoid this issues and create more secure environments.

It’s my first time in Toronto and I’m bringing with me to this moment/trip two of my passions, My Family and talk about WordPress. 🙂

I talk in WordCamps around the world and I like a lot spread ideas, but this one is totally different for me and for my family, I’ll explain why. WordCamps are the best place to meet the local communities and engage people with WordPress.

In summary, I hope that’s a great experience to all.

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