Neha Patel – Featured Speaker

Neha is venturing to us from Montreal. She is speaking Saturday morning at 10:05am in Rm 149. She is showing you how to give your site an SEO checkup. Let’s get to know her…

I am born and brought up in India. I am a Web designer and developer by profession and an artist and entrepreneur at heart as I always tell everyone. Other than working full-time as a developer I also do henna tattoos and teach Web and Graphic design. I like to work with non profit organizations and volunteer for causes whenever I can and learn so that I can build my own non profit organization for kids and people in need in near future.

These days I am also really fascinated by the art of marketing on Instagram and Facebook. I regularly learn and practice different marketing tactics for my personal clients, my own business and my hobbies. When it comes to Marketing I am a great fan of Ryan Deiss, Brian Dean and Neil Patel.

I have different hobbies such as arts and craft, henna, cooking, hiking and learning about marketing. I am a great cook and love to experiment by combining different cuisines. I also love to workout, do hiking and canoeing with my U.S. ex-military husband who is also my business partner.

My first presentation will be a strong and precise checklist of steps to follow in order to do a proper SEO for your WordPress website. Along with my own business I also work for a multimillion dollar marketing company, where I work with a strong SEO, Analytics and Marketing team. With the help of different teams and my knowledge from different SEO gurus I came up with a check list and best practice in terms of SEO for your WordPress website.

It is admirable how the WordPress community is such a great example of unity and making a difference in the world. I will be doing a WordPress for beginners Workshop. Come and learn how you can start building your own websites with WordPress with little to no knowledge of coding. I would recommend just learning basic concepts of HTML or PHP so that you get familiar with system that WordPress uses. It is great for someone who wants to learn and build their own or their business website, or someone who is looking to hire a developer but is ambitious to explore the platform himself/herself first.

My presentations are focused around providing those who are attending with sufficient information in reference to identifying on how they can verify if their websites will have proper SEO for ranking on Search Engines. The methods that I teach are effective due to the fact that they have been tested and tried by major online marketers and brands. In addition, I will also be teaching on the aspect of why a 404 page is useful. As an attendee, the presentation will provide an in-depth look at how to leverage 404 pages to start a conversation instead of users leaving the website.

I live in Montreal and I come to Toronto every year at least twice, sometimes to visit family and friends, for business, leisure and of course for WordCamp. Toronto is a lively and colourful city to be in.

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