Matt Graham – Featured Speaker

Matt is one of our local speakers. He is speaking in the Dev Track (Rm 129), Sunday morning at 10 am. His topic is MVC in Plugin and Theme Development. Let’s get to know Matt a little better…

I’m a husband to Heather, I’m a dad of two boys, my son Kaelen is 7 and my son Mackenzie is 5 years old. Mackie is legally blind; so I’m a big advocate of accessibility though I feel like I have so much to learn about it. I’m a Christian. I grew up Pentecostal, but I really like picking apart my and other’s beliefs and I’m not afraid to ask questions or say “I don’t know.” My default is “love everybody equally” even if I do a poor job at it sometimes. I’m into so many things: model building, electronics; car, pro and home audio; cooking, BBQ (low and slow makes meat sing); I love Star Trek and Star Wars equally; I’m not afraid of what JJ Abrams and Star Trek Discovery might bring to shake things up; I love music and singing; I think I could be a voice actor, but I just don’t have the time to pursue it. I’m one of those people who don’t have a favourite anything; the idea is foreign to me, and I’ve only come to accept this as normal recently.

I love clean, readable code. But so many times I’ve had to dive into a plugin or theme to find out how to override some code and I find a complete mess of spaghetti code with logic and HTML all jumbled up. I don’t like it, and I don’t want anyone else to have to experience that from my code. I take you through my method of creating clean, readable, testable, well categorized code by using OPP and MVC within WordPress themes and plugins.

If you, like me, have seen some really terrible code and don’t want anyone else to be on the receiving end of bad code that you’ve written, come to this presentation. I won’t tell you that it needs to be exactly what I do, but more of a mental framework of what OOP and MVC can be in WordPress Plugins and Themes.

I live in Whitby, a small-medium town east of Toronto. I like the diversity of Toronto. That you’re no more than a 20 minute subway ride away from a community with different experiences, different outlook, different food – or it could be right next door.

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