KidsCamp is coming to WordCamp Toronto

Joy at kidscamp

WordCamp for Kids

I am so excited!  KidsCamp, is set to run Saturday, September 30, 2017.  I can’t wait to meet the next generation of WordPress experts.

This is the first time we’ve tried this in Toronto and we’ve put our own touches on it to make it a really special part of WordCamp Toronto 2017.

KidsCamp Workshop

For kids aged 7-14, accompanied by a parent, we’ve created an all-day workshop where kids can create their own blog from scratch.  Don’t know WordPress?  No worries there – this workshop expects no previous knowledge of WordPress in your family.  We’ll be with your child every step of the way and we’ll be sending you home with materials so that your kids can keep their newly created sites running.

KidsCamp chicken assistants
The KidsCamp chicken assistants

Besides the chickens, some great people are helping us out.  The Toronto chapter of Ladies Learning Code will be sending along HTML and CSS mentors.  And Telus has provided materials on Internet safety.  We will be emphasizing safe blogging along the way.

Seema, Shirag, Jason and Karen are WordCamp dedicated volunteers who will be helping every kid get their blog off the ground.

Parents can switch back and forth in the room so that they can attend the regular WordCamp sessions of their choice.

Games and a pizza lunch will break up the day.  All kids are welcome to submit a design for the Wapuu contest.  See the  Wapuu Drawing Contest page for details.

I know we will see some really unique blogs at the end of the workshop.  The sky is the limit!

For Experienced Bloggers

We know that there are some experienced kid bloggers out there too.  Young bloggers, accompanied by a parent, are welcome to hang out in the KidsCamp room.  We’d love to have your local expert contribute his or her expertise to the newbie bloggers.  Or your child can simply work on their own site and make use of the WordPress support in the room to extend their skills beyond what they have already.  There will be lots of help available.

WordCamp Toronto 2017 Live!

teens using social mediaAre you aged 15-19?  Are you looking for some volunteer hours to meet your high school requirement?

WordCamp Toronto 2017 is planning a social media desk and we are looking for several high school aged attendees to help us out with a wide variety of social media activities at WordCamp Toronto.

At the desk you will be posting Tweets, Facebook entries, Instagram photos, interviews, audio and video snips live from WordCamp Toronto 2017.

These will include interviews of speakers and attendees, service announcements like speaker and room changes and your own great observations of what is happening at this event.

This is an excellent opportunity to use or grow your social media skills and there may be a chance to learn a video editing suite with an adult mentor.

You will need a KidsCamp ticket for this.  And please send a note along to to tell us that this is what you would like to do.

So bring your phone and join us!

KidsCamp looks to be an interesting and fun part of WordCamp.  Grab some tickets and we will meet you in the KidsCamp room.


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