Joshua Wold – Featured Speaker

Joshua is coming to Toronto from Idaho. He is speaking Sunday afternoon at 1:30 pm in Rm 147. His topic is Sketches in which he shows you how to lay out a project (or problem) with simple sketches. Let’s get to know him…

When I was 16 I was hired as a lifeguard for the summer and was excited to take the job. However, at the same time I got offered a job as a graphic artist at a screen printing shop. After some deliberation I chose the design job. I’m thankful for that decision as it has helped shape much of my life since, including how I met my wife!

I enjoy spending time in bookstores, running, drawing, playing with Lego (now that I have a 4 year old son I can use him as my cover to keep buying them), playing old computer games with friends (looking at you Age of Empires 2!), and much more.

As a teenager I decided I wanted to type as quickly as my friends in chat programs without taking shortcuts on grammar, spelling, or punctuation. As a result I got quite fast and often use this skill for taking dictation notes in meetings.

Quick overview slide with some of the main points:

In this talk you’ll learn some very simple steps to create sketches and wireframes that you can add to any development ticket or website related problem you’re discussing.

The intended audience is non-designers who are interested in learning how to use visual aids to convey ideas and explain problems. I’ll be talking through the steps to create very basic, quick sketches, and then giving some time to show how to refine that further.

The key with quick sketches is to do something in a short period of time (1-10) minutes, share it, get feedback, and discard or refine.

This will be my first WordCamp, as well as my first time to Canada. So for me, there’s a lot I’m looking forward to experiencing and learning!

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