Ian Forrest – Featured Speaker

Ian is one of our local speakers. He is speaking Sunday morning at 11am in Rm 129. His topic is on how to optimize your site for high traffic volume. Let’s get to know him…

I grew up in Prince Edward Island and moved to Toronto in 2013.  I enjoy going to Jays games and playing softball on Saturdays.  The best TV shows are all from the 90s: Buffy, TNG, X-Files, etc.

For my presentation, I’m going to be talking about a number of things developers can be doing to improve the backend performance of their WordPress applications.  Some of this will be WordPress specific, other aspects will be more general best practices.

I chose my presentation because I’ve learned a lot about WordPress performance over the past year and I want to share my knowledge.  I was at WordCamp last year and learned a lot, and I’d love to be able to help provide that experience for other developers this year.

WordCamp is great because it’s so community driven and affordable for most people to attend. I really care about these aspects and it makes WordCamp a conference that I want to contribute to.

One thing in particular that I like about living in Toronto is Bellwoods Brewery.  Everything they do is gold.

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