Gilles Gagnon – Featured Speaker

Gilles is one of our local speakers. He is speaking Saturday at 2pm in Rm 147. His topic is growing a website building business. Let’s get to know him…

Prior to starting several businesses, Gilles worked in the corporate world for some 15 years. When not serving his clients, Gilles plays squash, reads, cycles, learns, goes to the theatre and travels. He has also been a music composer and producer.

His web building business is He’s also a video producer and owns and operates One of his personal projects is which he started years ago. The Wisdom Speakers showcases wisdom vignettes of extraordinary, ordinary people.

Gilles is also currently working on a new website dedicated to the art of customer service.

In this presentation, Gilles will share the secrets of starting and maintaining a successful web building business. He will share his pitfalls, successes, tips and tricks which you can hopefully use in your own ventures.

Although most examples and tips will be taken from a web building business perspective, they can be applied to many other small businesses as well.

I discovered that many WordPress users who come to WordCamp are WordPress web-building small-business owners, many of whom are “solo-preneurs”.

I believe that a session to help participant with the business management and business growth aspects would be a useful complement to other WordCamp technical presentations.

This presentation is aimed at anyone curious about, or thinking of starting a web business or anyone currently running a business looking for tips/tricks/ideas on how to improve their business.

I moved to Toronto from the Hamilton/Dundas Ontario area nine years ago and I never looked back :).  I love the myriad opportunities Toronto offers. It’s a constantly evolving city with so many things to do. Toronto teems with learning opportunities stemming partly from its diverse culture. There is no other place I’d rather live.

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