Conrad Hall – Featured Speaker

Conrad is one of our local speakers. He is speaking Sunday afternoon at 2:30 pm in the auditorium. His topic is the launching of new programs in Toronto. Let’s get to know him…

My favourite thing to do is grooming; not mine though. I have just enough hair to cover my head and it requires very little care.

Growing up with horses, I used to wile away hours brushing them and talking to them. When Silas was with me (a black lab), I brushed him every day. There is something soothing in the activity.

In the more mainstream line of activities… Reading tops my list (a good thing since I’m an author). Walking, hiking, camping are near the top. I enjoy cooking and baking, but I do a lot less of it now since I’m single. If I cook/bake it now – I end up eating it!

I’m doing a presentation Sunday afternoon on the future of WordPress in Toronto. That probably sounds all official, but it’s really about new programs being launched in Toronto. it seems like a good idea to talk with the community and see if folks are interested.

I’ve spoken with a few folks and organisations. There is definitely an interest in the city. ¬†Several city councillors, Toronto Community Housing, Learning Enrichment Foundation, and several others are already on board.

The programs are:

  • Teaching Kids Code
  • Content for Coders
  • Outreach to BIAs (Business Improvement Areas)

Teaching Kids Code has two goals: Ending teen suicide and reducing poverty. it’s for youth age 15-29. The means is, of course, teaching kids code. The program also includes pieces on financial literacy, way finding, self image for success, nutrition, and entrepreneurship.

Content for Coders is just what you think it is. if we’re going to teach kids to code, we better have some continuing education in place for them. We’ve also started connecting with coders, and companies that code, for this program.

Outreach to BIAs makes a lot of sense. They need help making WordPress and digital marketing work, and Teaching Kids Code needs work for the kids to do.

There’s no skill level needed to participate in this presentation. I’m looking to have an open discussion about the programs, how they might be made better, and whether the WP community has an interest.

Let me wrap up with my favourite thing about Toronto: The Toronto Islands. Did you know there are 17 islands? Amazing, right? When I get out to the islands, it’s like being in cottage country. The city disappears.

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