ClickToTweet – Because Everyone Wants To Be Heard

By Robin Macrae

We all want to be heard. Sometimes we have very little control over how that gets done. ClickToTweet puts some of that control back in our hands.

ClickToTweet comes in two forms:

  1. Plugin
  2. Service

The plugin is great when you control the site. It’s the service you need when control is in someone else’s hands. That might be because you’re posting on someone else’s site. It might be because, like WordCamp sites, you are unable to install plugins.

Every WordCamp site is part of a multi-site installation. That means you get whatever plugins are installed by the super-administrator of the multi-site. For WordCamp, that means your only social sharing options are what comes in Jetpack.

The tools are great for the site. We have sharing buttons, automatic syndication to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and statistics for social media related to the WordCamp site. But some authors want a little more kick for their posts.

ClickToTweet KidsCamp

This is the first time we’re doing KidsCamp at #WCTO. So the people involved definitely want to get the word out.

ClickToTweet gives them a way to create trackable links for promoting KidsCamp.

Tweet: KidsCamp – Launching the next generation of coders and developers in Toronto Visit #WCTO

ClickToTweet writes the code. All you do is drop it into the post using the Text section of the WordPress editor. A big benefit of using the service (rather than writing your own code) is the tracking of each click. KidsCamp is a new program for Toronto. Knowing how many people click that link to tweet tells how popular the program is.

This is the kind of link you share in an email, and on the event page, asking people to tell their friends about KidsCamp.

ClickToTweet Wapuu Drawing Contest

This is an example of wanting more kick for a specific part of the post.

The Wapuu Drawing Contest is open to all ages, and to everyone in the world. Just draw a Wapuu that represents Toronto. Simple, right? But we want people to tweet about the Drawing Contest specifically.

The social sharing buttons at the bottom of the post promote the whole post. ClickToTweet lets you draw attention to this specific item in the post.

Tweet: Wapuu Drawing Contest – Toronto wants a Wapuu Open to all ages everywhere Draw a Wapuu that represents Toronto #WCTO

Every ClickToTweet link means giving the reader an opportunity to participate. They get to tell the world what interests them, and how they’re participating.

WordCamp Tickets

This is the one everybody uses. It’s the “Hey, buy my stuff” link.

There’s nothing wrong with using this link. In fact, you’re being irresponsible if you never give a reader the opportunity to participate in your event, product, or service. But you do have to be careful about using it.

Imagine if I plastered this post with links to my session at #WCTO. Or if there were five or six links to tickets. You’d probably stop reading the post, and quite rightly, too.

There is a link to my session at #WCTO. It’s at the end of the post. That’s where self-promotional links belong. I get to “sneak in” the ticket link here because it’s part of the post.

Tweet: I’m going to WordCamp Toronto #WCTO. Come join the fun –

This is the link the organisers have added to the automated ticket emails. so you get an email saying you’ve purchased a ticket, and it gives you the option of tweeting that you’re going.

Clicking the link opens Twitter for you to tweet. Someone seeing the tweet can click the URL and land on the WordCamp Tickets page.

Making a Good Tweet

Think in terms of sound bites. Short, pithy statements intended to attract attention. You already have a few examples of tweets written by the #WCTO organisers in this post.

Just like Twitter, ClickToTweet gives you 140 characters. Be sure to include a URL for people to get more information. Use at least one hashtag. WordCamp Toronto uses #WCTO. It’s shorter than adding the year, and it gives the event continuity. The hashtag is the same from year to year so it’s easier for people to remember and use.

Remember that Twitter is a global platform. Avoid being cute or using idioms. Something that makes complete sense in Liverpool may be confusing in Vancouver. Be clear in what you’re saying.

Take Control of Your Tweets

A ClickToTweet link serves the same purpose as a call out. It draws attention. The powerful difference is that now every reader has the opportunity to share your call out with the world.

It’s completely independent of all the social media on a given site. That puts control in your hands. ClickToTweet tracks the activity of every link you create, so you know what’s working. Again, you have control.


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