Be a Volunteer

Volunteers, speakers and sponsors make WordCamp Toronto (#WCTO) happen. Sponsors generously provide the budget. Speakers give us the valuable content. Volunteers make the work happen that allows #WCTO to run smoothly.

And there are a few perks to being a #WCTO Volunteer:

  • Free Admission to #WCTO (both days)
  • Ticket to Welcome Dinner
  • Volunteer t-shirt
  • Thank You Dinner after #WCTO

I’m ready! Let me at the application.

Plus the warm and fuzzy feeling you get from being part of the crew. You’re on the inside making things happen.

A goal for 2017 is to have enough volunteers to make sure Room Hosts and Camera Operators only have to cover two sessions. These are very simple positions that are also incredibly important. So please keep in mind: you can volunteer for more than one thing. For example, someone doing event signage might also want to be a room host or camera operator.

Here is a list of the volunteer positions, and a brief explanation of what they do. (Plus there’s lots of help and support for everyone involved.)

Volunteers Needed


Looks after scheduling team meetings and monitoring deadlines

Volunteer Wrangler

  • Supports other wranglers in recruiting members for their teams
  • Plans and schedules volunteer training
  • Plans the Thank You event after #WCTO
  • Ensures coordination of all event volunteers

Roles that support the Volunteer Wrangler are:

  • Registration Concierge (We need a few of you)
  • You greet folks as they arrive at #WCTO
  • You get folks registered, give them a schedule, and the right t-shirt

Playbook Writer (Maureen Davis)

We’re taking all the information from the last 7 years of #WCTO to compile a playbook. This gives everyone a set of templates, checklists and instructions to make #WCTO easier than ever to make happen.

Sponsor Wrangler

  • Connects with sponsors to determine their event requirements
  • Ensures sponsors know what they get for their level of sponsorship
  • Recruits new sponsors
  • Receive and review sponsor applications

Let’s go to the application

Speaker Wrangler

  • Connects with speakers to ensure they know when they’re speaking
  • Ensures a copy of each speaker’s slides is collected
  • Build a speaker selection panel to receive and review speaker applications

There is an incredibly important position that supports the Speaker Wrangler

  • Room Host (several wanted)
  • You make sure presentations start and end on time
  • Collect a copy of the speaker’s slides before the presentation
  • Make sure the speaker has water before starting the presentation

A/V Wrangler

  • Ensures all presentations are recorded
  • Coordinates editing of videos after WCTO
  • Ensure all videos are uploaded to

Volunteers who work with the A/V Organiser are:

  • Camera Operators (several wanted)
    • Set up and take down the event camera in a given room
    • Record the presentations if an assigned room
    • Take the SD card from the camera and deliver it to the A/V Coordinator

Take me to the volunteer application

Promotion Wrangler

Looks after all aspects of promoting #WCTO. This is a big job, and several folks are wanted to support the Promotion Wrangler.

Volunteers who support the Promotion Organiser are:

  • Social Media Manager
    • Connects attendees, speakers, sponsors and volunteers with WCTO social media accounts
  • Print Media Manager (News Coverage rather than advertisements)
    • Connects with news media for coverage of WCTO
    • Focus on Economic Development, Youth Involvement and Entrepreneurship
  • Event Signage (Mike Pun)
    • You’re getting the signs as well as putting them and taking them down
  • Guest Posts on WCTO site
    • Work with sponsors, speakers and volunteers to get a post from each
  • Guest Posts on WPTO site
    • Work with sponsor and speakers to get a post from each

Accommodations Wrangler (Conrad Hall)

  • Arrange a room block with one hotel
  • Provide that information to the Website Administrator

Volunteer Application

Website Wrangler

Responsible for all elements of building and maintaining the WCTO site

Other volunteer positions related to the website are:

  • Site Design and Functionality (Nick La)
    • Expanding upon the pre-built WordCamp template to build the WCTO site
  • Editor (several wanted)
    • Oversee posts from speakers, sponsors, volunteers
  • Author (several wanted)
    • Writing regular updates about WCTO leading up to the event

Venue Wrangler (Jeff Kilpatrick)

Coordinates all venues and volunteers arranging venues

Other volunteer positions related to the venues are:

  • Event Venue Organiser (Jeff Kilpatrick and Conrad Hall)
    • This is the primary responsibility of the Venue Coordinator
  • After Party Organiser
    • Saturday evening event for attendees, speakers and sponsors
  • Welcome Dinner Organiser
    • Friday evening dinner for speakers, sponsors and volunteers

Yes, I want to volunteer. Let me have the application.

Event Photography (Sujin and Maureen Davis)

These are the folks making us look good at WordCamp. They’re taking photos during the sessions and breaks.