Ambassador Program

We’re introducing the Ambassador Program to #WCTO (WordCamp Toronto). This is something we discovered through WordCamp Ann Arbor. It is a tremendous opportunity for sponsors and speakers to connect with #WCTO attendees.

We are inviting locally owned restaurants to provide a reservation for a table of twelve (12). Participating speakers and sponsors are assigned a restaurant, and #WCTO attendees sign up to join one of them for lunch. (Everyone pays their own tab.)

This brings #WCTO out of the venue and into the city. It provides exposure and revenue to locally owned restaurants. And it’s a much more personal way for everyone to meet and get to know each other.

Update: 6 March 2017

We are currently talking with 15 locally owned restaurants close to the #WCTO venue. Our goal is to have one restaurant for each speaker and sponsor. Attendees can sign up for lunch on either Saturday or Sunday.

Update: 21 March 2017

We’re working on the RFP for the local restaurants. We’re asking for a fixed price menu. Restaurants that are able to accommodate special menus can also indicate vegetarian, vegan, gluten free or diabetic options.

Some restaurants have accessibility issues because they are in heritage buildings. The venue list will clearly indicate which restaurants are accessible.

If there is dietary or accessibility point you want to share, please do reach out to the organisers. You can contact us through the site, or send an email to Toronto at WordCamp dot org.